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Why another contest? That's the nice thing about being the Captains -- there are some things you can keep to yourselves.

Behind Closed Doors

What really goes on in the ready room when those doors slide closed? Write a story and let us know what's happening in there.

Entries Have Been Reviewed and Evaluated.


Your entry must be J/C.
Your entry must fit the description or theme of the contest.
Any rating is acceptable but it must be clearly marked.
Co-authored stories are welcome.
One story per category may be entered by each author or co-author team.


Old stories:  stories that have been shared with others, posted to your web site, an archive or to a list. We'll even let you enter one that has been in another contest.

New stories: this category will be anonymous so it pretty much has to be one that has not shown up on your site, in an archive, on a list or shared with others in any way, and being entered in another contest is not going to be viewed with favor.


Enter March 1 - May 2
Vote: May 4 - May 31
Winners: June 6


We will be issuing commendations based on the number of entries. They will be similar to this:

Entries Are Ready to Be Reviewed and Evaluated.

This is for your 'old' entry so people who like it can come and vote for it.

If you have questions, please email the Captains

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Ready Room